V. Dorset


V. Dorset provides modern and imaginative vegetarian and vegan food for all types of events.

With a background in fine dining, owner and head chef Keri Astill-Frew is bringing her classical training and experience to the business as well as a passion for Dorset ingredients.

Based in Poole, V. Dorset is all about forging relationships with other Dorset providers and celebrating the best food that Dorset has to offer. All 100% meat free!

Breaking News! At the festival, we shall be serving a brand new 100% plant-based (vegan) dessert street food concept called Weirdoughs. Weirdoughs is a fun, sweet and highly Instagram-friendly dessert brand which consists of delicious home-made cookie dough, deep fried and served with dairy free ice cream and a selection of toppings. No-one will believe that these desserts are vegan!

Visit their website / http://www.vdorset.co.uk/