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PictureSophie Natasha hand makes and designs home and nursery décor. My products include Bunting, Table Runners, Drawstring Bags, Cushions, Blanket, Christmas Stockings and Santa Sacks. With every handmade product I ensure high quality as every product is made with love in Dorset. Sophie Natasha is a home run business and all products are manufactured at my home. Every product can be personalised and I take fabric requests and custom orders to fit your exact briefs. New and exciting designs are being created and released every day, working innovatively and intricately to create beautiful and aesthetically pleasing additions to your home.

Sophie Natasha is a small business. With every small business comes a mission. My mission is to increase knowledge for handmade products, with handmade products comes a lot of creativity, thought and love. Supporting handmade is not only cutting down on mass production but also helping the economy. Our world is getting flooded by mass production, which is drowning the planet. Taking a step back to see what is out there, you will find us small businesses. By buying handmade you are not only helping the planet, you are helping my dream. My dream is running a small business, hand making home and nursery décor. Supporting my little business is also support me and supporting my little family.

Sophie Natasha officially became a handmade crafts business at the beginning of May 2016. Starting as a hobby in June 2014 customers started placing orders, which led to the brand becoming established.
I was born in August 1995 in Dorchester Dorset. This is where my business started and is continuing to be. I completed my GCSE’s and A-levels, which led me to go to the University of Derby to Study Fashion. I went on to graduate from University in July 2016 with a BA First Class Honours. At University I had to design and manufacture my own capsule collection, which was based on my Great Granddads diary that he wrote during WW2.

In February 2017 I have my first child Ava. I am a very proud full time mummy along with running my business full time. It is the best job anyone could ask for. I love hand making all my products everyday that lets me spend time with my daughter at home at the same time. I plan to continue growing as a business which will hopefully allow me to open a small shop which will turn into a family run business one day.

I started making bunting as gifts for my family and friends. Then one day I uploaded it on Facebook and people started to request them and ask for custom orders. Then before I knew it, it had turned into a small business just before I went to University to study Fashion. At school I never knew what I wanted to do and never expected in a million years to go to university for a few reasons. One I have two older sisters, which when growing up were way smarter than me. I always assumed they would go to university instead of me but they never did, and the second reason is because I am not an academic person at all!

When I went to university, orders kept coming. It was like a dream that people would be ordering from a tiny little Facebook page. When I was little I always dreamed of running my own business, and at the age of 20 I achieved it. It is 2 years on and I am still going and getting more and more orders everyday and expanding to overseas too.

However, I think the main reason that I am writing this is because there was always a reason why I never felt clever or smart enough. Throughout my school life I really struggled with keeping up with the class reading and keeping up with essays or even simple paragraphs of writing in lessons. I always found myself looking at other people’s work and copying because I felt like there was a barrier from my brain to the paper. Then sometimes when I knew what I wanted to write I wouldn’t be able to spell the words I wanted in my sentence so I would change the whole sentence for simpler words. I would try and read but the words would jump around the page. It wasn’t until I went to university that I was finally diagnosed with dyslexia. I felt so relieved that all the struggling I went through, being told I wasn’t good enough and being put down at school, didn’t seem to matter anymore. I was always really embarrassed that I couldn’t write or read like everyone else. Now that doesn’t matter. Not everyone is perfect and can do everything. Since learning that I am dyslexic I have put everything into being creative, which is why running a handmade home décor business is perfect for me! Everyday being able to work from home, getting to sit behind my sewing machine and being able to feel confident and being creative is definitely something I can do.

Being dyslexic definitely doesn’t define who you are as a person and doesn’t stop you from following your dreams and being able to accomplish what you really aspire to do.

​Everyone who has brought something from my business and myself have supported my dreams and me. I couldn’t ask for more loyal customers and I cannot thank you enough for believing, in my business and me, from the start. Here’s to many more years to come! X​

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