Art ,Design and Education exploring the world of entomology through vibrant giclee prints, paper cut art and textiles.

Littlezart has emerged from initial insect inspired prints to the production of intricate paper cut art, fabrics, T shirts, cushions, tote bags and greetings cards. The company is now gathering a following that engages with the uniqueness of the products and an interest in the importance of entomology to our eco system. Littlezart is continually developing ideas and seeking new ways to create work that questions our relationship to insects and how to produce work that is sustainable and adds to the world through engaging design and concept; The idea is sustainable.

Founded in 2018, developed over 5 years.

Zara Saganic (littlezart) is a trained artist with a 1st class degree in Fine Art (AUB) and a Masters in Fine Art (Wimbledon College of Art, UAL). For the last … See More


Giclee prints, hand and laser cut paper, cushions, tote bags, T shirts, greetings cards and fabrics.

Visit their website / 07875 568638